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What is the Loaves and Fishes store all about?

God cares about you and He cares about the people around you. God asks us to help and bless those who are hurting or in need as practical way to show His love. The way we do that in Children's Ministry is through the Loaves and Fishes store. The dollars you collect can be spent to help one of the many causes here in Calgary, or somewhere in Canada, or even a different part of the world! It is always better to give than it is to receive!

How do I earn Loaves and Fishes dollars?

1. Bring a new friend to church with you or invite them to watch online with you
2. Memorize the Bible verse for the month and tell your leader or a grown up in your house
3. Read the Bible at least 3 times in a week. Share that with a grown up in your house or your leader.

How do I know how many Loaves and Fishes dollars I have?

There is an online form for the grown up in your house or your leader to fill out every week and we will track how many Loaves and Fishes dollars are in YOUR account. When it's time to spend your Loaves and Fishes dollars, we will send an e-mail to your grown up to tell you how many dollars you have to spend.